I have been hosting Professor Salem Assli in my academy since 2005, sometimes twice per year and I can say he is a highly educated and supremely well trained martial arts instructor.

The Boxe Francaise-Savate program in my academy is second to none in New York area thanks to Professor Salem. I have also attended the JKD/ Kali/ Savate/ Muay Thai Camp in France he host every Summer and I can honestly say it is an amazing experience. 

Professor Salem is a gifted, charismatic instructor with great communication skills that is certified by the best of the best, in multiple martial arts.

I highly recommend any martial art school owner to look into hosting Professor Salem Assli

Luigi Orlando Cuellar

Director of Nubreed Martial Arts Academy, New York

My husband Sifu Neil Cauliffe introduced me to Professor Salem back in 1992, and I have been training with him ever since. His ability to get his students to perform at their best level is apparent when you see them.

Professor Salem's teaching style is very effective and realistic for Self Defense application, and he delivers instruction in a friendly, warm environment. His easy going attitude is balanced by how serious he takes his instruction. Whether he is teaching Savate, La Canne, JKD, Kali or Muay Thai, his knowledge and experience are unsurpassed. He genuinely cares about his students, not only how they are progressing, but also the experience they are having during a class or seminar. In all the years I have been training with the Professor, I have always come away from a session having learned something new about myself and the arts, AND it is always a lot of fun.

Thank you Professor for all the years of learning, enjoyment, growth and friendship!

Helana Cauliffe

Owner American Dragon Martial Arts, Florida

Professor Salem Assli is one of the best teachers I have the privilege to learn from. He not only has a strong foundation of martial art history, but also the mental, physical and technical ability to demonstrate and instruct others at ANY level.

His mastery in his chosen fields of: Savate, French Boxing, La Canne, Filipino Martial Art, Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do and Muay Thai, is only matched by his ability to reach students where they are and bring discover their BEST!

It has been an honor hosting him for seminars the last 4 years at The Welch Experience studio in Atlanta.  I look forward to continue promoting the French Arts for years to come with him.

Sule Welch

Owner/Head Instructor The Welch Experience, Atlanta.

Dear Friends and Colleagues
I have had the pleasure of knowing Professor Salem Assli for at least twenty (20) years. Upon first meeting him, I realized relatively quickly that he was a man of precision. He has a good sense of humor and knows how to make training enjoyable, but he does not accept a deliberate lack of concentration when it’s time for focused training and examination. Whether demonstrating French Boxing, weaponry, or any other art – he moves in harmony with the style of that system. You can tell he puts much thought into his training, he understands distances and execution of techniques. His decades of training are reflected in his French Boxing, Savate, Silat, Filipino Martial Arts, and Muay Thai skills, including Professor’s abilities to switch from one to another at will.
Professor Salem is also a researcher, his curiosity led him to research and publish books and many articles about the martial arts, including one which includes the connection between Savate and Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do.
The martial arts world is a better place because Professor Salem is in it. Do not take my word for it, review his tutorial videos or any of his writings for yourself. You will certainly come away more learned than you began.
Jalal J. Dallo

Dallo Martial Arts, Southfield Illinois.